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Back to school shoe guide

Black leather lace up school shoe
School Shoe fitting guide

For parents of school aged children these last few precious weeks of holidays are overshadowed by the harrowing task of the "Back to School" preparation. The most pressing and important (in my professional opinion) is choosing the right school shoe.

There are plenty of things to think about when choosing a school shoe for your child, the price, the style and fit and the colour are all valid and important elements for careful consideration.

Is your child in Primary and do they play sport at lunch time? Are they in High School, and require a fully enclosed leather school shoe to comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements for Wood Work and Tech classes, but still need to look "lit"? Its a real footwear minefield for Parents.

As a Foot Health Professional, I am primarily concerned about having the correct fit, and a good balance of support and comfort for optimal Foot Health. Lets face it, our kids are in these shoes for most of the year , they need to be the best option we can offer them, especially as they are still growing and developing throughout their school years.

And as parents, we need them to LAST!

The Australian Podiatry Association has theses fitting recommendations to consider when choosing a School Shoe.

1. All shoes should protect your child's feet, especially school shoes, as they wear them most of the time.

2. Have your child's feet measured regularly for length and width.

3. Make sure the shoe fits the natural shape of their foot.

4. The toe of the shoe should allow your child's toes to move freely. Leave about 1cm of room of growing room at the end of the longest toe.

5. Have shoes fitted by a store that has trained assistants.

6. A check up with a Podiatrist is a great idea, particularly if you notice uneven wear patterns on their shoes, skin rashes, hard lumps or cracks in the skin or if they complain of pain in their feet or legs. Other problems that require a Podiatry Assessment are tip toe walking, tripping or falling regularly or if the feet look asymmetrical when walking.

I will be joining the crowds of stressed parents later this week as I venture out with my two High Schoolers reluctantly in tow to source the most stylish, Podiatrically sound, fully enclosed leather school shoes. Good Luck out there.

For information or to get in touch please go to out website

***Susan Reid is a Mother of two and a Podiatrist of 22 years experience, with a special interest in Paediatric Podiatry. She operates Prime Health Podiatry clinics in Lake Macquarie, based in Swansea and Edgeworth, providing all aspects of Podiatry including Paediatric Biomechanical Assessments, custom orthotics and nails and skin issues.

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